[Position control lineup] 26mm(1.02in), 27mm(1.06in), 41mm(1.61in), 56mm(2.20in), 96mm(3.78in) stroke / 6N(1.3lbf) ~ 100N(22.5lbf)

Product Overview

  • Compact size
  • Built-in drive circuit
  • Dynamic Position control
  • Data communication and position feedback
  • 12mm diameter coreless motor lineup and cored motor lineup

Mini, but MIGHTY!!

Mini Linear servo actuator mightyZAP is a linear actuator which is capable of position control, consisting of drive circuit, DC motor, gearbox, and position sensor in one compact form. Through data communication such as RS-485 or TTL, you can issue control commands for various parameters and also receive feedback data. And besides, mightyZAP accepts PWM (PPM) signal as well, which specifies the position according to the pulse value.

Our business is to provide our customer with precise linear motion in small package which enables our customer to make their equipment compact and light.

Standard Lead Time / Payment Conditions.

As our actuator lineup and models are diverse, we rarely keep finished product stocks, but we produce and prepare for stocks of semi-finished products.
When the payment for order is confirmed, we start assembling semi-finished products for each model.
In this regard, please refer to the standard lead time / payment condition for order quantity below.

* Above lead time does not include shipping transit time. (it is production lead time)
* The standard lead time above is calculated from the date of payment receipt.
* If you accept partial shipment, you can receive urgent quantity you need sooner. (Need to contact us)
* Please contact us in case shorter lead time is required.
(Always try to satisfy customer’s requirement, but please understand that it depends on our production line status.)